Photographic Terms & Conditions

The use of photographic or video equipment (including mobiles) is not permitted within our leisure facilities unless a permit has been provided. Please contact reception to obtain permission to use a camera. You will be asked to complete a Filming and Photographic Permit Log Form.

Any person taking photographs without permission will be asked to stop and follow the procedure above. Ask for a form from reception or before your visit download and fill out our Filming and Photographic Permit Log Form. On arrival, hand this into reception for completion and authorisation by our staff.

Rules for filming and the taking of photographic images:

  • Where feasible capture only your intended subject.
  • Be considerate to the feelings of other centre users and respect the wishes of those who may object to the taking of pictures.
  • Filming and photography is not permitted in any of the following areas: Changing rooms and showers, toilet areas.
  • In the event of any query please speak immediately to the Operations Officer. We reserve the right to access and view any images taken on site.
  • Our photographic policy follows recommendations and guidelines from the chartered institute for the management of sport and physical activity (CIMSPA) in their document photographing of children in sports centres / swimming pools (ref.270:01/03) with references from the child protection in sport unit.