Toning Suite

The Health & Wellbeing Centre's Toning Suite is a dedicated area for gentle forms of exercise, relaxation and socialising. The Suite is ideal for people who are:

  • Living with long term health problems, such as MS, Parkinson’s, arthritis, osteoporosis, or joint problems.
  • Recovering or have recovered from health problems, such as cancer or a stroke.
  • Recovering from more short term injuries, such as a fall or sports injury.
  • Not used to regular exercise and are looking for a gentle introduction into activity.

The Toning Suite is staffed most days for those who need supervision and careful monitoring.


The Hub is home to specialist Shapemaster toning equipment, including toning chairs and toning tables, which offer assisted exercise with minimal impact or strain on the body. Each machine works different muscle groups, so when one 50 minute circuit of either toning chairs or toning tables has been completed, a full body workout has been achieved.

Shapemaster have created home exercise videos on their YouTube channel to help people stay active during times of lockdown and self isolating.  


Active Forever – a 12 week wellness scheme, available to those referred by a GP or health practitioner (practise nurse, health trainer or physiotherapist). 

Tone into Wellbeing – a wellbeing membership, available to those referred by a GP or health professional as above. 

Casual Membership – a pay as you go option - £5.20 per session with a £10 induction charge.

For more information on any of these talk to a member of our fitness team.


All new customers will need to make an appointment prior to using the machines for an induction. Please call (01472) 324337 or email