Jacuzzi - currently closed

Sauna and steam room - open

You may be aware that the jacuzzi facility within the Health Suite at Cleethorpes Leisure Centre had to be closed off towards the end of 2021 due to some faults.

Since then, our partners have been working to try and fix the issues and get the jacuzzi working again.

The jacuzzi is made from solid concrete and was installed at some point after the leisure centre was first opened in the early 1980s. Because this is not a modern piece of equipment, attempting to repair it has proven to be a delicate and challenging task.

Exploratory works have been carried out in the plant room and contractors have examined the structure of the jacuzzi itself, as well as replacing some of the pipe work.

Sadly, after carrying out further works over the Summer in 2022, contactors have had little success with being able to fix the jacuzzi.

The jacuzzi is unavailable whilst options for demolishing and replacing this original piece are considered. The sauna and steam room within the health suite remain open.

We know that many of you will be frustrated that the issue has not been able to be fixed and we would like to thank you for your patience and understanding.

Statement issued on behalf of Lincs Inspire, EQUANS, and North East Lincolnshire Council.
Updated August 2022