National Reading Group Day

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This National Reading Group Day (September 28), Lincs Inspire Libraries celebrates the popularity of local book clubs in North East Lincolnshire and the positive effects these groups have on their members.

Lincs Inspire Libraries actively serves 20 local reading groups – both private and library-based clubs. In total, over 160 members meet regularly to connect and share ideas about a book they have read.

Sandy Rawlings, Libraries Development Officer, said: “The groups allow people to broaden their reading and help members enjoy books even more.”

Sandy, who is soon to retire, has been instrumental in setting up the book groups and is confident they will go from strength to strength due to the benefits they bring to so many.

Sandy added: “When my then boss suggested we start a library readers’ group back in the late 1990s, I was sceptical…how wrong I was! The group we started then, the Cleethorpes Library readers’ group, with just three members, is still going strong and is now our largest library group.

“In 2006 we started lending books to private book clubs and with titles often available in large print or as a talking book, we are now able to serve groups that meet in pubs, cafes, village halls or their own homes.”

In national studies led by The Reading Agency, Reading Groups have been linked to enhanced relaxation, concentration, quality of life and self-esteem. Seventy-two per cent of group members say they have read more since joining their group.

Free monthly groups at Cleethorpes, Grimsby, Immingham and Waltham Libraries bring people from all walks of life together to discuss books they are reading.

For those wanting to set up their own book club, hundreds of titles are available in multiple copies and can be borrowed free of charge, supporting private groups.


Our reading group, now in its thirteenth year, has afforded us all many benefits over the years. It’s widened my choice of genre- I regularly read books I would never have chosen myself. We have greatly benefitted from increased friendship and the support offered by book club meetings. We are well supported by the library with advice regularly given about books and using the library ensures no one is put under pressure financially to buy a book each month.

Reading Group Member

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