Miles of Smiles

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Meet the author of a new local history book telling the story of Cleethorpes North Promenade and Wonderland amusement park at a book signing at Cleethorpes Library. 

Rob Foxon was born in Grimsby and worked at Wonderland between 1957 and 1962. His new book, ‘Miles of Smiles’, describes how the Manchester Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway (later Great Central Railway Co) transformed Cleethorpes into a major seaside resort in Victorian times.

The book describes the development of the North Promenade with its turn of the Century rides like the Victorian Switchback, the Figure 8 and the 150ft Warwick Tower.

Wonderland, the brainchild of entrepreneur George Wilkie, whose ambition was to make Cleethorpes the ‘Blackpool of the East coast’, is also heavily featured.

A formal launch takes place on Thursday 20th April, 7pm at Cleethorpes Memorial Hall.

The book signing takes place at Cleethorpes Library on Thursday, 4th May from 11.30am until 4pm.

Copies of the hardback book will be available to buy priced £29.99 or can be bought direct from the author by calling (0116) 289 0531.

Rob Foxon

The North Promenade is a quiet place today, but for those who can remember its heyday, the book is a nostalgic trip back in time. For others, it provides an insight into the development and glorious history of a traditional British seaside resort. Either way, hold tight and enjoy the ride!

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