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Entrepreneurs and businesses in North East Lincolnshire celebrate the launch of their new Business & IP Centre local.

THE Business & IP Centre (BIPC) in Grimsby Central Library has officially opened its doors, providing free support to new and aspiring entrepreneurs in North East Lincolnshire to grow, run and scale their businesses.

For the past year, Lincs Inspire Library Services have been busy preparing their Centre, which offers free access to exclusive business and intellectual property information and provides networking events, business workshops and one-to-one expertise.

The Grimsby BIPC local is part of a major expansion of the British Library’s Business & IP Centres and their successful network of library based BIPCs, which has expanded to 100 regional and local libraries across England, thanks to £13million in central government funding.

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Derek O’Connell, Libraries Development Manager, Lincs Inspire, said: “Grimsby Central Library is right in the town centre and is home to our existing business information service, so ideally located to support new and interesting business opportunities.

“We jumped at the chance to work with the British Library and thanks to this funding we’ve been able to expand and modernise our offer, making a wide range of resources accessible to anyone wanting to turn a bright idea into action.”

The new local Centre in Grimsby is part of the Business & IP Centre Humber Partnership, with its regional headquarters located in Hull. Other local Centres are in Beverley Library, Bridlington Central Library and Goole Library, all providing a strong and connected network of business information and support.  

Grimsby BIPC local is open to aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups and more established SMEs. Customers can access:

            • Free and low-cost access to £5 million worth of business intelligence
      • Business publications - both in branch and online
      • One-to-ones, workshops and networking events
      • Intellectual property (IP) support

The BIPC allows local entrepreneurs and business owners to come together to learn, network and access free advice and information in commercialising a business idea.

The ability to access GDPR-compliant data and insights helps personalise marketing strategies for the highest possible return on investment, thus ensuring businesses are connecting with their target audience with the right message, at the right time.

The wealth of key information available to access from a central hub will prove to be invaluable to the local business network.

Anderlea Butters Marketing Consultant

More information about the services available at the Grimsby BIPC local

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