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A true inspiration, having fought pre-pancreatic, breast and gynaecological cancers, Joan, aged 71 and from Humberston, continues to battle numerous health conditions included arthritis and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, affecting her mental health.

Joan candidly explained that she had a choice to make in life…“to sit at home and wallow, or to get up and do something.”

Walking into Grimsby Health & Wellbeing Centre last year, was a huge step for Joan, who was incredibly nervous and had her doubts that the Wellness Hub would be able to help.

But after six months of attending twice weekly, along with swimming and use of the sauna, Joan says the impact on her mental health has been lifechanging.

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My mindset has totally changed. I’m doing things now that I never dreamed I would be doing. It’s also had a knock-on impact on my diet and physical health.

You have to drop your own barriers to life. You only live once, and you have to make the most of it.

I’ve met so many inspiring people; there is something magical about the Wellness Hub.

Joan, Wellness Hub member

Ian Shorley-Harlow, Health Improvement Co Ordinator for Lincs Inspire, said: “Many of our members are at first apprehensive about joining us here at the Wellness Hub.

“Many have never stepped foot inside a gym before. But the Wellness Hub is far from your traditional gym!

“We’re here to help and we are happy to show anyone around, let them have a go on the equipment before they commit to anything, meet the team and fellow members.

“Joan has gone from strength to strength. She’s a role model to many and is a pleasure to have in the Wellness Hub.”

The Wellness Hub offers a gentle form of exercise, relaxation and socialising and is home to 22 pieces of specialist power-assisted exercise equipment.

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