Judith's Dedication

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Grimsby lady Judith Glover is the toning suite’s longest serving member and has been exercising there since 2002, when it was originally based at Immingham Swimming Pool. Proud of her longstanding commitment to fitness and the role she has played in the evolution of the suite over the years, she met with us to share her story.   

Originally born in Wolverhampton, Judith moved to the area for her husband’s work in 1962. She has always led a sporting lifestyle, playing netball in her school years and captaining the girl’s tennis team at her sixth form. Soon after moving to the area, she started exercising at a keep fit class in Holton Le Clay and is still a regular attendee at the class, which now runs out of St Hugh’s Community Centre. She has played an instrumental role in the group, helping to keep it going when it was in danger of closing. 

In 2002 Judith joined the toning suite. Over the years, she has seen the suite welcome members from all walks of life with a variety of health challenges. She has made countless number of friends, seen the addition of new equipment and witnessed it go from strength to strength.  

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The suite originally had a strong focus on relaxation and exercise, but there wasn’t the same emphasis on helping people with injuries or mobility problems that there is now. During my time here, I’ve seen the difference that the toners have made to the lives of lots of people. 

Judith Glover

“There was a lady who used to come here called Debbie. She was under 40 and she’d had a stroke. When she first started exercising here she was in a wheelchair, but she eventually was able to walk using a stick. We don’t see her as often anymore because she’s in the main gym.

“There was also a lady here who’d had a brain bleed. She managed to get herself moving again with the support of the equipment. If you watch, you have people in here who still don’t have the use of one side of their body, usually the left side. They are able to fasten straps to the arms of the machines, so that they move their arms for them. I’ve seen so many people make improvements over the time that I have been coming here.

“The equipment here is great for improving your movement, even for those who have limited mobility. I work against the machines, rather than letting them move my muscles, but you can change how much support you get from them.” 

Judith’s husband has type 2 diabetes and a heart condition called atrial fibrillation, which means he has to be careful not to put too much strain on his heart rate. He has recently joined the leisure centre, having used the guest pass offer during January. Judith added:

“We still swim together, we like the adult session on a Friday afternoon at Immingham Pool. Mostly it’s a bit of a social activity. I’ve been meeting people all the time I’ve been going, we swim, have a quick chat and swim some more.”

Judith’s current weekly fitness routine consists of exercising at the toning suite three days a week, attending an ‘Forever Fit’ class at Grimsby Leisure Centre on Tuesdays, a keep fit class on Wednesdays, a Tai Chi class with her husband on Wednesday evenings and swimming at Immingham Swimming Pool every Friday. She attributes the active lifestyle that has led over the years to her current good health and is thankful for the great number of friends that she has made at the toning suite.