Houseplant Week

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To celebrate UK Houseplant Week 2022 (Jan 10-16), Grimsby Health & Wellbeing Centre have brightened up the Creative Hub with a range of plants, including orchids, roses, cacti, bulbs and spider plants to name a few.

Not only do the plants look great, but they offer a number of benefits to our physical and mental wellbeing, from improving the quality of the air we breath, to boosting our mood and allowing us to connect with nature. Other benefits include:

  • Lower stress levels
  • Lower anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • Lower fatigue levels

If you're looking to add some indoor plants to your own home, low maintenance plants include Snake Plants, Spider Plants, Cacti, Devil's Ivy and Succulents, e.g. Jade Plant and Money Tree.

Caring for indoor plants

Lincs Inspire Libraries have a number resources available with a free library account. Browse titles below or via our eLibrary.

Some general advice includes:

  • Potting soil to be kept moist – watering needs will vary depending on the type of plant
    • Monitor the weight of the pot – dry soil is lighter
    • Watch for signs of wilting leaves
    • Ensure there are draining holes in the pot for excess water to escape
  • Position near to a light source – ideally natural
  • Treat signs of disease – white spots and sticky residue are examples
  • Repot when the roots push their way out of the drainage holes