Family History Research From Afar

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At Lincs Inspire Libraries we help many local people in their quest to research their family history, putting pieces of a jigsaw together through various online resources, reference materials, maps, photographs and local knowledge.

But from time-to-time someone comes knocking from further afield. Jack Thorpe, a French citizen contacted us eight years ago in 2012 when he was looking for information about his grandfather, Alfred Ernest Thorpe, who had connections with Grimsby.

We were able to help with his research and a friendship was formed with our development officer, Jennie Cartwright, culminating in a visit to Waltham Library in 2018.

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Grimsby Local History Library has given me so much information on Grimsby, on some very useful websites and helped with my research into my family history. After being several years in touch via the internet we met Jennie about 2 years ago when we visited Waltham and the library and we went for a drink in a small café with my wife and had a wonderful chat.

Jack Thorpe

If you are researching your family history and would like some help, guidance and a gentle point in the right direction, send us an email and we will do all we can to help.