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This Breast Cancer Awareness Month we speak to a member who has recently joined us on our Active Forever programme and is getting to grips with our power assisted equipment in the brand-new Wellness Hub at Grimsby Health and Wellbeing Centre.

Dawn Day, aged 51, and from Grimsby was this year diagnosed with breast cancer. Having completed 18 weeks of chemotherapy treatment Dawn was zapped of energy and, as a side effect of the treatment, was suffering with chronic fatigue.

Dawn had enjoyed an active lifestyle prior to the diagnosis and was determined to get back on her feet. After an initial visit to the leisure centre she spoke to her GP to request a referral to Lincs Inspire’s structured 12-week wellbeing programme.

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When I first came, I couldn’t walk from the car park to the front door without being out of breath. But since starting I can walk around Weelsby Woods with my grandson, I went to Butlins and I was actually dancing – the things you take for granted!

Chronic fatigue is debilitating; from being fit and healthy to not being able to wash up – from that to now it’s unbelievable.

Dawn Day, member and breast cancer patient

After her chemotherapy treatment, which began in April, Dawn underwent a lumpectomy in August and is awaiting a five-day course of radiotherapy in November to prevent the cancer from returning.

Research strongly suggests that exercise is safe during and after cancer treatment and can improve how you feel and how your body functions. The power-assisted exercise equipment at Grimsby Health and Wellbeing Centre is a perfect way to re-build strength safely and effectively, with the support of Lincs Inspire’s team of instructors.

Dawn DayThe Active Forever 12-programme is an ideal way to gently help the recovery process from cancer treatment, and many other health conditions. It involves a recommended two activities per week. These can include gym, swimming, and group exercise classes as well as the Wellness Hub with the power assisted equipment.

Dawn added: “The referral was mainly for fatigue. After I’ve completed the 12-week programme I’ll be talking to the wellbeing team here to see what I can do next.

"I’ll be ringing the bell on the 8th November after completing my radiotherapy. It’s memorable date as it’s my mum’s birthday and she passed away a few years ago.”

Dawn would urge anyone to get a routine mammogram. “I couldn’t feel the lump, so luckily I took up the opportunity for a mammogram,” she said. “You definitely need to get checked.”

Well done to Dawn who is an inspiration. Her positivity is a motivation for many and she’s a delight to have around the Wellness Hub.

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