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Grimsby couple Jean and Edgar Gibbins have been married for 57 years and have both recently found a new shared hobby exercising at the toning suite at Grimsby Health & Wellbeing Centre.

Soon to turn 80 in July, Edgar joined via the GP referral scheme – Active Forever, with the view to maintaining his fitness and overall quality of life. He has always led an active lifestyle with cycling, walking and rowing becoming his favourite forms of exercise in later years.  After his first few visits to the toning suite, he noticed the benefit he was feeling and began to think of how it would help his wife, Jean.

Having been an S.E.N. Nurse for 48 years, Jean has also always led an active lifestyle, complimented by her hobby of gardening. Up until lockdown she was also exercising at a keep fit class. She does however suffer from back pain and hopes the gentle forms of exercise that the toning tables provide will allow her to keep active. After Edgar’s recommendation, she spoke to her GP and was also referred on to the Active Forever programme. She now exercises with Edgar twice a week.   

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I would never go to the gym because I felt embarrassed, but the toning suite is relaxed and friendly, which we are finding out more as the weeks go by. We meet the same crowd and have made lots of friends of a similar age that we have lots of in common with. I’m enjoying the exercise and feeling better for it.

Jean Gibbins

As well as the benefits to their physical health, the toning suite is also providing a shared hobby for Edgar and Jean to take part in outside of the house, bringing the couple closer together and helping their overall sense of wellbeing and happiness.

Edgar said: “The toning suite is a damn good starter for anyone who is out of the routine of exercising. It’s helping to improve my overall quality of life and I’m happy that I can share those benefits with Jean.”

Guiding them along their journey with advice and support is Fitness Supervisor Ian Shorley Harlow. Ian said: “I thought Edgar and Jeanie would be great candidates for showcasing that Active Forever brings people together to take part in different forms of activity. When they’re in the building, it’s a joy to have them both with us, they make the atmosphere light-hearted and jovial.”

Active Forever is a 12 week wellness scheme, involving a recommended two activities per week. These can include gym and toning sessions, swimming or group exercise classes. Lincs Inspire works closely with GPs and health professionals (i.e. practice nurses, health trainers and physiotherapists) who refer customers on to the programme where many customers start-out their journey using the Toning Suite at the Health & Wellbeing Centre.

Find out more about  Active Forever and the Toning Suite or call (01472) 323100 for more info.

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