MAN v FAT Football Season Two About To Kick Off!

Issued 24 January 2019

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Team Real Madras

Team Yellow Bellies

Nationwide scheme success at Lincs Inspire's Bradley Football Development Centre 

Following the success of Season One’s MAN v FAT Football – an FA-endorsed 14 week football league exclusively for the 68% of UK men who are overweight or obese, Season Two kicks off this Friday 25th January at Lincs Inspire’s Bradley Football Development Centre, Grimsby.  

Local men who want to tackle their weight issues now have a chance to join this incredibly successful weight loss league that will run every Friday 6pm – 8pm for the season’s 14 week duration.

The unique aspect of MAN v FAT Football is that final results are decided not just on the score on the pitch, but also by goal bonuses each team earns from their combined weight loss. This enables players with limited mobility and disabilities to join the teams and still be a top performer for their side, simply by losing weight each week.

Weigh-ins at the start of the evening are followed-up by a 30 minute game of six-a-side football. Extra goal bonuses are awarded depending on the pounds lost by the players, so it becomes a real team effort.

In addition to the football, easy to follow diet and lifestyle advice is available, as well as 24/7 online support, together with support from Lincs Inspire Sports Development staff before, during and after games.

Lee Shakespeare, Real Madras season one team player, has lost a total of one and a half stone since joining the Man v Fat scheme. Despite previously having a professional contract with Aston Villa, Lee hasn’t played football regularly and having gained extra weight, saw Man v Fat as the perfect opportunity to make some changes to his lifestyle.

Lee said: “The football side of things has helped focus and re-jig my mind-set. The way the scheme works that you win points not only for the goals you score on the pitch, but for the amount of weight you lose. So if you put on weight you are letting down your team mates.

“The biggest impact for me is that before joining Man v Fat I didn’t know any of my team mates. As well as shedding the weight, making new friendships is what it’s all about.”

The MAN v FAT Football program will be delivered by Lincs Inspire at Bradley Football Development Centre. It costs £25 per month and anyone completing four weeks of the scheme will also qualify for a month’s free Lincs Inspire Gym Membership.

For those wanting to give it a try, lose some weight and meet others with similar goals, join up at: For more information call 0845 163 0042 or email: