Finding her spark again with weekly circuits

Rosy's Story

Grimsby lady and Lincs Inspire member Rosy is 67 years old and has been exercising at our weekly low impact circuits classes and using our toning suite at Grimsby Leisure Centre for just over a year. In May 2018, after experiencing weakness, chest pains, shortness of breath, loss of energy and swelling in her arms, she was told by a surgeon that her symptoms were caused by three arteries in her heart not working at full capacity. Following this, she underwent a surgery called Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) to widen the arteries through the use of stents.

Rosy started Active Forever in November 2018, following advice by her cardiac group at the hospital to begin a cardio rehab programme. Active Forever is a 12-week health and wellbeing programme, designed for people who are recovering from long-term illness or injury, and members are often referred to the scheme by a health professional.

At the start of the programme, Rosy exercised twice a week – once using the toning suite and once as part of the low impact circuits exercise class.

Rosy said:

“From day one, there has always been somebody here to offer support. The programme has helped build up my fitness from not being able to get up stairs properly to now being able to do everything again.

“I can’t say enough how kind the staff have been. The Leisure Centre is such a friendly place - staff know what they are talking about and show that they care. I’ve also made new friends from the class and we all have a coffee afterwards. Joining the Active Forever programme has been the best thing I've done.”

Since her operation, Rosy has made a conscious effort to do some form of activity every day and through the use of a pedometer, counts her daily steps.

Rosy also manages type 2 diabetes and carefully records what she eats in her journal too. She is a great example of how Active Forever can build health, fitness and confidence over time. She continues to exercise three to four times a week, including once at circuits on Thursdays with her sister and is looking forward to meeting up with the group outside of the Leisure Centre for their yearly Christmas meal.   

The Active Forever programme is led by Health and Wellbeing Coach Lucy Guilliat. 


Lucy said:

“Rosy she has always been so positive and motivated and this is how she has achieved so much in such a short space of time. She came through the Active Forever scheme which helped her as she received the support she needed during the first 12 weeks, before going on to make regular weekly exercise something of a routine. Over one year later, she continues to improve her fitness and stamina, inspiring others with her positivity, determination and will power.”

Low Impact Circuits are a mix of low impact exercises tailored for people over 55, ideal for who have long term illness or are recovering from injury. They take place in the sports hall to music and combine short bursts of 60 second activities to strengthen the muscles along with aerobic exercise to raise the heart rate. They are ideal for those who have concerns with their joints or are recovering from injury. Whether you’re new to working out or just getting back into some regular exercise, lower impact cardio classes are a great place to start.