Smart Energy Project - Cleethorpes Leisure Centre

Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire funds £700K energy saving project

North East Lincolnshire Council has secured a £700K energy saving grant to reduce the carbon emissions from Cleethorpes Leisure Centre. The works, starting on Monday 11th November, are being managed by Engie.

Whilst some of the works will impact on service operations, many of the works will take place in areas not open to the public. Any disruption and impact to our services will be shared here and we will work with contractors to keep these to a minimum. Many thanks for your understanding and co-operation whilst these improvements are carried out.

Works Update

The pool at Cleethorpes Leisure Centre is temporarily closed in order to undergo a drain and deep clean.

“Work to begin filling the pool will start on Monday, February 17th and take around five days to complete, and we’ll then need around the same length of time to allow the water to  get to the correct temperature for users.
“If everything goes to plan, we’re very hopeful that we’ll be in a position to re-open the pool from March 2nd and welcome back everyone who enjoys it so much.’’

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There will be reduced parking at the facility from Monday 28th October due to the contractors requiring space for their compound. This is a safety requirement and we apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

About SMART Energy Works

The energy saving project has secured the funding from Salix and the Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire programme, which is partly funded by the European regional development fund.

The Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire programme aims to reduce carbon emissions within businesses and public buildings located in the Greater Lincolnshire area. 

Cleethorpes Leisure Centre will benefit from:

  • new and improved lighting
  • an efficient heating system for the building and the pool area
  • a combined heat and power plant that could reduce carbon emissions by up to 30 per cent
  • new glazing along the poolside
  • a new front entrance
  • a new building management system to efficiently manage the building’s daily energy consumption through a number of methods such as improved ventilation, lighting and power systems

More information about Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire.