Group Exercise Timetable
For week commencing 15th Oct
06.30HIIT30 minsNew Pool StudioPast
07.00Stretch and Tone45 minsNew Pool StudioPast
08.30Body Combat Express45 minsNew Pool StudioPast
09.30Group Cycling45 minsGroup Cycling Court Past
09.30RIP60 minsNew Pool StudioPast
09.30Zumba 14+60 minsCourt 4Past
10.30Body Balance60 minsNew Pool StudioBook
13.30Forever Fit60 minsCourt 4Book
14.00Pilates60 minsNew Pool StudioBook
14.00Seated Chair45 minsClub Room 2 Book
17.15GRIT Athlete30 minsNew Pool StudioBook
18.00Body Pump60 minsNew Pool StudioFull
18.00Boxercise 60 minsSquash Court 2Full
18.00Zumba 14+55 minsCourt 4Book
19.00Legs Bums And Tums 14+60 minsNew Pool StudioFull
19.00Group Cycling45 minsGroup Cycling Court Full
20.00Yoga 14+75 minsNew Pool StudioBook