Lincs Inspire's Arts Development Team work with local artists and creative organisations to support and develop aspiring writers, be it through workshops or providing the opportunity for them to showcase their work. Talk to us today about our support to local artists and groups including help with accessing funding for a new project. 

The Spoken Word - Open Mic Events 

Local writers, poets and book lovers will have the chance to give readings of their own work and from their favourite literature at The Spoken Word, a series of open mic events.

The programme aims to support local people to develop their writing and share it with likeminded people in a relaxed, café style setting. 

The Spoken Word started back in October 2018, initially funded by Libraries Connected, alternating venue on a monthly basis between Cleethorpes and Waltham Libraries.

Following its popularity and the positive outcomes that have arisen, the open mic nights are set to become a regular fixture for both Libraries for the next 18 months at the time of writing (June, 2019).

If you wish to deliver a public reading at one or more of these events, up to 10 minutes performance time, please email claire.newton@lincsinspire.com. All we ask is that you don’t include any offensive material.

Tickets are £3.50, available in advance or on the door. For booking, ring Cleethorpes Library (01472) 323650, Waltham Library (01472) 323656

All performances start at 7:30pm and run until 9pm. The dates and venues are as follows:

Thursday, 6th February 2020                                     
Thursday, 2nd April 2020                                      
Thursday, 4th June 2020                                              
Thursday, 6th August 2020                                     
Thursday, 1st October 2020                                         
Thursday, 3rd December 2020                                    

Thursday, 5th March 2020
Thursday, 7th May 2020
Thursday, 2nd July 2020
Thursday, 3rd September 2020
Thursday, 5th November 2020
Thursday, 7th January 2021



To talk to Lincs Inspire's Arts Development team, including funding opportunities if you are a local artist, contact rachel.mcwilliam@lincsinspire.com or call (01472) 323004.