Information for parents

Lincs Inspire swimming lessons are only delivered by highly trained and qualified teachers, so you can be absolutely confident that we are providing you with the most comprehensive swimming development programme available in the UK.

Arriving for your lessons

Upon arrival for your lessons at the centre please have ready your child’s Lincs Inspire card (this should have been provided at the time of booking the lessons). This will allow you to access the changing village through the turn styles, swiping also registers attendance to the lesson. If you are unsure of who will be teaching the lesson please ask a colleague for advice. You will need £1 coin to use in the locker (which is refundable) to store all your belongings in the changing rooms. Please do not leave your belongings in the changing cubicles when your child is in the water. As the changing village is a communal changing facility, please ensure you use a changing cubicle to dress and undress and after showering. In the interest of swimmer safety we request that only minimal jewellery is worn during the lesson. Any jewellery that could pose a catch hazard must be removed or covered.

The teacher will be expecting your child, please wait near the changing room entrance for your child’s lesson to commence. Evening lessons - we request that parents do not come onto the poolside. Our teaching assistants will be waiting for your child on the poolside to put on the floats. Please do not enter pool side more than 10 minutes prior to your lesson start time, this is due to other classes taking place at the same time. In the interest of health and safety, parents / guardians of children under the age of eight years must not leave the building and if you are not spectating please ensure you are back to collect your child at the end of their lesson.


Swimming Hats and Swimming Aids

When booking, you will have been given a free latex swimming hat. These are colour-coded to the relevant swimming lesson group and must be worn, not only for hygiene purposes, but also to enable teachers and lifeguards to quickly recognise which group children belong in and their swimming ability. Children will receive free latex swim hats as they move up through the swimming lesson scheme. Replacement swim hats cost £2 and are available from reception. To fit the hat, long hair should be tied into a ponytail; ask your child to firmly hold the front of the hat onto their forehead, while you pull back over the top of their head. Ensure all hair is tucked into the hat. After use, rinse in cold water, dry away from direct sunlight and sprinkle lightly with talc for easy fitting in the future. 

If your child is in stages 1, 2 or 3 a float may be applied as a swimming aid before the lesson starts this will be put on by a member of our team. If for any reason the float needs to be taken off it must be refitted by a team member. Children wear floats for body positioning and safety.

Why Choose Lincs Inspire Swimming Lessons?

  • Lessons operate 50 weeks a year, ensuring continuous progression and development.
  • You can join the scheme at any time and classes run six days a week.
  • On-going Assessment means that you can develop in your own time, allowing you to move from group to group at any time.
  • We offer a comprehensive Swim England scheme with badges, stickers and certificates for you to collect.
  • Our scheme is great for adults as well as children, to learn a ‘skill 4 life’.
  • Guaranteed at least a 25 minute session.
  • Swim School members can swim for FREE at Lincs Inspire pools during public sessions.

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