Get active and healthy for Summer

Shape Up for Summer with Lincs Inspire's sizzling offer

For a one-off payment of £60 new customers can swim, workout in the gym and attend classes.

The offer is valid for three months from the day it is bought and during this time, members can make use of our facilities across four sites.

We'll keep you motivated with our gym challenge, top fitness tips from our trainers and useful nutritional advice too. Sound exhausting? Then unwind in our saunas and steam rooms

Make sure you sign up by June 30th by speaking to a member of our customer service team today or email us for further information.

Get active and healthy with Lincs Inspire.

Keep on track with your fitness goals

Fitness Manager - Wayne Sanderson. Read his top five tips for success

1:  Try and exercise regularly, find a routine you like and can stick too, consistency really is the key to success.
2:  Variety is the spice of gym life, keep your workouts different try new stuff each time, don’t just press quick start on the cardio machines try the programmes, also try and exercise a different body part with the weights each time.
3:  If you really want to improve your health and the way you look consider your diet, limit your takeaways, and stay away from processed food and food high in saturated fat and salt. Only drink alcohol/fizzy drinks on occasions and night outs you have previously earned in the gym.
4:  Ask advice – we always have an Instructor on hand to help you, they are a fantastic fountain of knowledge and most instructors have a specialisation.  Pick their brains to learn as much as you can for success.
5:  Finding a training partner is a great way to succeed, not only will you spur each other on but there may come a time when you can’t be bothered but your partner can be and you won’t want to let them down.  


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