Shapemaster Testimonial

"In November 2015 Shapemaster awarded Grimsby Leisure Centre a special recognition award for their innovative approach & integration of power assisted exercise equipment, within a wider centre setting.

The award was in response to observation and feedback from users who access the centre, in particularly Shapemaster equipment each week as part of a centre wide initiative to encourage and increase participation in sport and exercise for disabled people and those living with long term medical conditions. The project not only increased participation and usage for Shapemaster equipment but also attracted a whole new demographic outside of the traditional 12% who visit a gym regularly.

Many of the participants we spoke to reported noticeable improvements to both mobility and an increase in the quality of their day to day living. However out of all the participants we spoke with, each said that the social value offered by staff and other participants was the biggest motivator for them. In addition, the skillset and care offered by staff was perceived as inspirational! One participant who was initially reliant on a wheelchair spoke of how the centre had enriched her life by providing a new circle of friends, much desired weight loss and a vast  improvement in her mobility.

In addition to participant feedback the team at Grimsby have regularly provided insight which has enabled Shapemaster to design & manufacture new accessories and make adaptions to the core product range to improve and enhance user experience of those living with long term conditions.

The team at Grimsby Leisure Centre are inspirational and the facilities offered are a beacon of what is truly ‘inclusive & accessible’. All leisure centres in the UK should take note!"

Charrissa Newsome - Shapemaster