A six-part drama delivered through the letterbox

Issued: Tuesday July 7th

Love From Cleethorpes

Before the Covid-19 outbreak, New Perspectives brought high quality theatre to village halls and arts venues mostly in rural areas. Now, the company have devised a novel way of reaching audiences through a six-part drama written on a series of specially designed postcards. 

Lincs Inspire worked with the Nottingham-based company last year with local people performing an original piece of theatre to audiences in Cleethorpes Library and Freeman Street Market. A year on and in very different circumstances, New Perspectives Theatre Company is back, giving audiences access to an artistic experience away from digital screens.

Love From Cleethorpes is a six part 'postcard drama', in which a different card will arrive in the audience member’s household each day.

The audience member will read each card and piece together a relationship between two people told over a 30-year correspondence, travelling us from Cleethorpes to Nottingham via New York!

Jack McNamara, New Perspectives’ Artistic Director, said:

"Rural touring is such a personal, tactile medium: our van arrives in a village, our company interacts with its community, we share the same space and sense of occasion. At a time when such activity has been put on hold, we wanted to create something that offered our audiences a similarly up-close experience. Putting theatre online is fine, but it does little to replicate that sense of something special being there in front of you that you can touch. 

“The postcard is a beautiful medium, able to say so much with such a small window. And there is innate drama in waiting for something to arrive in the post, finding something just for you and studying it to piece together a dramatic narrative. We hope to be back on the road soon, but until then we hope this is a way of continuing to reach our audiences and bring exciting art literally to their doorstep."

New Perspectives Executive Director, Sally Anne Tye, continued: “Audiences are central to everything we do and we tour our high quality productions to village halls, schools, community spaces, national stages and international festivals without making any compromises to the audience experience. Correspondence is a form of personal interaction and doesn’t replace live theatre but instead of touring to your doorstep we are bringing drama through the letterbox in an innovative way that means we can keep in touch with our rural audiences, as well as reaching new audiences that might find themselves in isolation.”

To take part please email your name, postal address and postcode to enquiries@lincsinspire.com by Thursday 23rd July. There are a limited number of places so it will be on a first come first served basis. Lincs Inspire will pass your details on to New Perspectives Theatre Company. 

The postcards will be mailed from 10 August and all cards received by the end of August.  

Shhh! KEEP THE SECRET: You are encouraged to keep and share the cards with friends and neighbours but please don't reveal the story or share the postcard images on social media so that more audiences can enjoy this at first hand too.