National Reading Group Day - 20th June 2020

Prior to the lockdown, local readers’ groups were thriving.

Lincs Inspire Libraries has seven readers’ groups, the most recent addition a second group at Immingham Library, which had its first meeting on Friday 6 March.  In the last twelve months we have also supported twenty one external groups with sets of books from the Readers’ Group Collection, which contains hundreds of titles and is regularly expanded as local groups suggest new books.

The Reading Agency's latest research of over 1,000 reading group members found that:

  • 84% feel more connected to other people because of being part of a reading group
  • 71% said their mental wellbeing has improved because of being part of a reading group
  • 95% said they read things they wouldn’t typically read since joining their reading group (e.g., different types of books, genres or authors)
  • 72% read more since joining a reading group
  • 87% talk more about books and reading since joining their reading group
  • 71% enjoy reading more when they discuss a book or text as part of the reading group

Lincs Inspire's reading group members have been looking back over books they have enjoyed this year and reflecting on the benefits of being in a readers’ group.

A member of a local library group chose her favourite of the books the group had read this year:

"Our house by Louise Candlish. It is a psychological thriller and I loved it. I found the characters so believable - even the villains of the piece (Mike and Wendy) were convincing. It's a long time since I have read such a page-turner.  In fact the last one was Louise Doughty's Apple Tree Yard which we read at our group."  


She added "I love being introduced to new authors thanks to the group. I also look forward to the discussions as we have such interesting people in the group. Sometimes books are open-ended so it's great to find out what conclusions others have come to."  She also recommended The child by Fiona Barton.  "I listened to her at Scarborough book festival a few years ago and liked her. She trains and works with journalists all over the world."


One member of the Waltham W I readers’ group has been reading The break by Marian Keyes and is looking forward to reading more suspense books.  She said:

"I would recommend joining a reading group for social interaction. Our Waltham WI reading group is on WhatsApp. This has been invaluable during the pandemic to stay connected. Our reading group is very successful."  Another member of the group said “WI reading group has got me reading more again and subjects I would never have chosen."  Her favourite book of the year was The family upstairs by Lisa Jewell:  "Superb read which made you want to read it to the end non- stop. Made you want to find out more about the family. Creepy but inviting."






While groups may not be able to borrow physical sets of books and meet in person at the moment, Lincs Inspire Libraries has hundreds of e-books and e-audiobooks that can be borrowed by multiple users at once.  If your group can arrange to communicate by email, WhatsApp, Facebook or Zoom, you can all borrow the same book and discuss it. 

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