Urban Art Gallery Gives Sports Hall New Look

Issued: Thursday, January 23rd

Urban artwork now covers the walls of Cleethorpes Leisure Centre’s sports hall, providing a permanent home to the bold street art created as part of the resort’s Urban Art Festivals.

The festival has been based at the Lincs Inspire leisure centre for the past two years, under the guidance of graffiti artist Lynsey Powles, attracting artists nationwide who create huge mural art.

With nowhere to display the artwork after the event, the leisure centre sports hall, with its large blank walls, has provided a perfect home for the colourful boards. 

Euan Gloyn, Cleethorpes Leisure Centre operations manager, said: “This is a gallery with a difference! It’s not ofteUrban Arts Group Photon you can enjoy a game of badminton whilst being able to admire stunning artwork. 

“We’ve always done what we can to house some of the artwork within the centre, with the odd board on display in corridors and the studio, but the sports hall lends itself to this huge gallery."

Euan added: "There are not many spaces which would be big enough to display even one of these murals, so to be able to display nine original artworks in one place has created a unique space where arts and sports come together. We’ve had a great response so far from our customers, they’ve been extremely impressed. I’m pleased they can be enjoyed by more people.” 

Lynsey Powles was the vision behind the first Urban Arts Festival at St James Square and Grimsby Minster in 2015 and she has gone on to create Cleethorpes Urban Arts Festival, which has run for the past two years and is based at Cleethorpes Leisure Centre. The 2019 event was part of Festival of the Sky.

Lynsey said: “The festival has grown from strength to strength, featuring not only graffiti artists from across the country but activities like breakdancing, parkour and competitions for everyone to enjoy.

“With visitors to the festival coming from all over, and with the quality of the work produced, it’s always been a shame that we’ve not been able to display the artwork after the festival. I’m grateful to the leisure centre for permanently exhibiting the boards. I’m so proud and it isn’t even my work!”

Lynsey is now working on the 2020 Urban Arts Festival with the support of Lincs Inspire’s Arts Development team, with plans to make it even bigger and better. 

David Power Principal Arts Officer at Lincs Inspire, said: “We are delighted to support Lynsey in the delivery of the exciting and innovative Festival. It makes a significant and important contribution to the ever richer cultural life of Cleethorpes.”

The artists who have their work on display at Cleethorpes Leisure Centre are:

 wizard on owl - fivefive purple graffiti tag - Hyro and Tets 
 neptune - Spymad storm character - Triks 
 bulldog - Kelzo the tiger with 9 eyes - Brave1
 the blue flying girl - Crocks the flying men - Creative Ginger 
 dragon - Posea, Mr Zee and Brave1