Blind Date with a Book

Issued: 11.02.20

To celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day, Lincs Inspire Libraries will be playing matchmaker with a novel way to encourage new and existing library users to expand their reading interests.

Blind Date with a Book will run between February 11th – February 25th at Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Immingham and Waltham Libraries.

During this time, library users can select their “date” from a display of specially wrapped books, which can then be checked out and unwrapped, with the hope of it being love at first sight.

Derek O'connell, Development Manager, Lincs Inspire Libraries said: “Blind date with a book will hopefully capture the imaginations of new and existing library users, whilst encouraging them to expand their reading choices. By linking the theme to Valentine’s Day, the services and their staff are able to engage with the public in a timely way.”