Lincs Inspire commits to Purple Tuesday

Issued: Friday, November 8

GRIMSBY Leisure Centre is backing the national campaign Purple Tuesday by pledging to provide additional support for those members of the community with autism. 

A weekly autism-friendly morning is being launched in the same week that many businesses and groups pledge their support to Purple Tuesday, which on November 12 calls on all organisations to make lasting changes to improve the customer experience for disabled people.

Every week on Wednesdays from 9am to 12 noon, starting on Wednesday, November 13, Grimsby Leisure Centre’s health and well-being site will be adapted with:

  • no background music or radio
  • no public announcements
  • provide the use of a quiet area away from activities for people with autism

Ben Frary, Lincs Inspire’s senior sports development officer for health and wellbeing, said:

“We are bridging a gap in services for people with autism. Over the summer we trialled some autism-friendly sessions where, on top of making the environment more suitable with those with autism, we provided a host of multi-sports activities for them to try.

It’s about making sure that we cater for all members of the community and open up access to enable more people to get involved in a leisure activity to improve their health and well-being.

Purple Tuesday is an excellent campaign that gets businesses to think about what changes can be made to improve the customer experience for disabled people.”

Lincs Inspire welcomes members of the community with a disability into all of its venues at any time and provides a host of sessions, equipment and opportunities for all groups to enjoy leisure and cultural activities. As part of this campaign, Wednesday mornings at Grimsby Leisure Centre’s health and wellbeing site, will become a safe place for people with autism to enjoy multi-sports, use of the gyms and other leisure activities.

Ben added: “In the coming months we will also be providing additional training and support to our staff to better understand the needs of our disabled customers. That way we can make further improvements to our offer by increasing the accessibility of everything we do.”

To find out more about the activities on offer at Grimsby Leisure Centre every Wednesday morning, please call (01472) 323100.