Read Aloud Evening at Grimsby Library

There will be a special, one-off, Read Aloud event at Grimsby Library on Thursday 22 February from 7.30pm to 8.30pm.

The Read Aloud evening is an ideal opportunity to lose yourself in the beautiful ocean of words being woven for you and focus on the feelings that words can create.

There will be three rounds of reading: you can be the reader or the person being read to, whichever you feel more comfortable doing on each round. 

The person being read to chooses from specially chosen extracts provided on the topics of Work, Pleasure, Nature, Change, Wonder or Chaos.

Sandy Rawlings, Development Officer for Lincs Inspire Libraries, said: “Sometimes, for our health and wellbeing, it does us good to slow down, think and reflect. At this event people can enjoy reading aloud or listening to some excellent writing, and set the healing and inspiring power of words in motion.”

After the readings, relax and talk about what you’ve listened to and if it’s changed your mood.

This special event, which costs £2 per person to take part, is a perfect opportunity to try something new. Join a movement that is all about the power of words and take away magic moments to keep in your memory.

Places for this event are limited, so advance booking is advisable. To book your place or for more information please call Grimsby Library on (01472) 323600 or email: