Money raised for the Toning Suite

We’d like to say a big thank you to Mary and Brian Clark who have generously raised £100 for the Toning Suite through their charity bookshelves at Grimsby Leisure Centre and Immingham Swimming Pool.

Speaking at the Active Forever Celebration Event at Grimsby Leisure Centre last month, Mary Clark MBE, said: “This money’s come from everything that we’re selling on the bookcase downstairs and each time we get to £100 we change and give it to another charity. We’ve approached and asked if we could do it for the Toning Suite because of the adaptations there’s going to be for the gym.

“We’ve actually said we will carry on and do them a second hundred and then we are looking at doing Marie Curie just in March only and then we’re going to raise another hundred to give to the disability group for their bikes, as they need repairing.

“Really it’s a big thank you to Lincs Inspire for allowing us still to do our charity work through having bookcases here [Grimsby Leisure Centre] and Immingham Swimming Pool.”

Mary and Brian’s charity bookshelves can be found in the reception areas of Grimsby Leisure Centre (Health & Wellbeing Centre) and Immingham Swimming Pool.