Council Chief Executive’s Trip To The Toning Suite

Issued: Monday, May 22

North East Lincolnshire Council’s Chief Executive Officer Rob Walsh paid a visit to Grimsby Leisure Centre’s Toning Suite a few days after running the Virgin Money London Marathon in 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Rob, who was feeling ‘tired’ and ‘achy’ after the gruelling 26.2 mile run, came along to experience the recovery benefits of the Toning Suite which is home to fourteen specially designed toning stations used for a wide range of purposes such as rehabilitation, recovery, or simply as the first step into exercise.

The Council’s Chief Executive was put through his paces by Lincs Inspire Health and Wellbeing Fitness Supervisor, Ian Shorely-Harlow, who led Rob on a circuit of the popular Toning Suite.

When asked how he had found the Toning Suite, Rob answered:  “I actually found it very beneficial, especially a week after a marathon!” He added: “The way the suite assists you in the movement and exercise actually for anyone, of any age, any ability, it’s very, very, useful.”

Rob, who would recommend the Toning Suite to others, explained: “I think anyone who has suffered from an injury, or a setback through training, or after a major event and anyone who’s just wanting to build slowly, I think the resistance in the machines is very helpful, you get a decent workout.”

Each machine works different muscle groups, so when one circuit of either toning tables or toning chairs has been completed, a full body workout will have been achieved. They offer a relaxing and gentle form of exercise and are ideal for rehabilitation, those not used to exercise, or people who are living with a long term medical condition. They have minimal impact or strain on the body and are also good for people with joint problems.

The Toning Suite is open from 7.00am to 8.30pm daily and is staffed most days for those who need supervision and careful monitoring. All sessions need to be booked in advance and an induction must be had to start.

You can find out more about the Toning Suite at Grimsby Leisure Centre here