Kids in Waltham Love LEGO Club

Waltham Library’s monthly LEGO Club sessions are proving extremely popular with youngsters and parents alike. The sessions which run on the first Thursday of every month from 4pm to 5pm, have seen the numbers of children taking part keep rising, much like the wonderful LEGO creations made at the sessions!

Debbie Copestake, who leads LEGO Club at Waltham Library, said:

“The sessions are about just having fun. The children are coming from all sorts of backgrounds, everybody’s welcome and it’s just a case of getting them involved in sharing the LEGO with other people”.

She added: “You see people that don’t normally come together, joining forces to make up whatever the subject is (as we do themes every month). It’s so nice to see the children just working together. There are some that work on their own quite quietly, but they are in amongst everybody and they go and ask people if they can take something out of another box and they’re very polite”.

When asked how long the sessions have been running, Debbie replied: “This is my fourth month in charge and it keeps getting bigger and bigger”.

The sessions are predominantly for children aged between five and eleven, although parents can also take part if they feel like getting creative with their kids (and relive a few childhood memories, after all who doesn’t love LEGO?)

When asked what the sessions are all about, Debbie explained: “It’s about joining in and having a common theme, you know, they’re playing together whatever their ability and they get a lot from it.”

One parent, who regularly attends the sessions with her daughter would ‘definitely’ recommend the sessions to others. When asked what her child enjoys most about the sessions, she said:

“It’s the interaction, the social side of it, talking to friends and other children as well as doing the actual activity and not only that, it’s not in her own house so it’s something new.”

Another parent said: “He loves it because there is access to lots of stuff, they’re given an idea but they don’t always have to follow it, so he can just go and make his own thing. He meets some friends from school and from other schools as well. They have to share resources and things like that. I think it’s well structured, they get an idea of what they can do, but they don’t have to follow that and the kids are pretty much just left to their own devices.”

If you’d like to find out more about LEGO Club at Waltham Library call (01472) 323656.