The Knowledge Emporium Comes To Cleethorpes

Issued: Wednesday 20 July 2016

We all know at least one thing that no-one else knows and this summer is your chance to share it as Lincs Inspire’s Arts Development team and Slung Low invite you into The Knowledge Emporium to celebrate the knowledge that makes you unique!

The Knowledge Emporium is a sweetshop with one big difference: it doesn’t take money. It trades sweets for knowledge – your knowledge, your stories, your recipes or anecdotes or beliefs for sweets.

The Knowledge Emporium will arrive at Cleethorpes Library on Saturday 23rd July and  will  open around 1pm. The Emporium will be closed on Sunday 24th July, but will officially open for trade of knowledge for sweets on Monday 25th July from 11am to 5pm and will continue on a daily basis for that week.

Throughout the week you’re invited to The Emporium to share your knowledge by entering it in The Big Book of Everything We Know. In return for your generosity, you can help yourself to some sweets. At the end of the week, Slung Low will create a reading from the material collected, celebrating the collective knowledge of the community.

At the end of the residency, Slung Low will do a performance/reading on Saturday 30th July at 2pm in Cleethorpes Library’s garden, which will be in response to the residency and comprising of knowledge shared by the local community.

This could be a collection of poems, facts, songs. In many places it has involved recipes - passed-down family recipes that people shared - which the company cooked live during the performances. Members of the audience are asked to take part in the showing and help with the readings, the cooking and demonstrating some of the facts.

It is also worth noting that the project is not aimed at children or school groups, although all ages are attracted to the Emporium and there is nothing that is unsuitable for a younger audience, the aim of the project is to engage with the wider community.

The Knowledge Emporium’s residency at Cleethorpes Library is made possible by an Arts Council Libraries Fund grant to Lincs Inspire. Steve Hipkins, Head of Cultural Services for Lincs Inspire, said:  “We are delighted that Arts Council funding has made it possible for us to bring Slung Low’s excellent Knowledge Emporium to Cleethorpes. I am sure we will get some fascinating memories from members of the public and these will feed through to an absorbing and engaging performance by Slung Low at the end of the residency.”