Linda's MyMarathon Challenge

Linda, a Lincs Inspire member and regular at Grimsby Leisure Centre, has this month undertaken the MyMarathon challenge, raising over £700 in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

The target was 26.2miles, to be run on a treadmill, during May.

Having got off to a fantastic start by completing 7.5 miles on her first day of the challenge in the gym at Grimsby Leisure Centre, Linda surpassed her goal of completing it within two weeks, by clocking up the 26.2 miles in only six days!

Linda has a very special reason for why this challenge was so important to her. She said: “It’s very personal to me because my husband suffers with heart disease and he’s had an operation. Mum also suffers from coronary heart disease, which is hereditary. So I’ve been on a fitness kick myself. 

“I’ve lost about three and a half stone and I’ve got two little grandsons, two years old and six months, that I’m very much aware of, and I want to be healthy for them. So it’s quite personal this for me.” 
Linda, who says she’s ‘not a natural runner’, has been in training for around four weeks after seeing the MyMarathon challenge on Facebook and says she feels ‘a lot healthier for it’. 

When asked why she decided to undertake her challenge at Grimsby Leisure Centre, she said: “I’m a member of Grimsby Leisure Centre anyway; I have been a member for about two years now. I only live down the road, so I come most mornings, 6.30am to 7.15am. I like to come about 4 or 5 times a week… I’ve got really into it.” 

Linda added: “It’s my thinking time. It’s good for my mental health.”

Talking on the benefits of regular exercise, Linda said: “It’s been very good for my lifestyle. I come in first thing in a morning, then I can think about things, it clears the head. Then I go to work; it changes my mood. If I get up a little bit grumpy, I come here and by the time I’ve finished I feel much better. So it’s not only done a lot for my health, but my mind as well.” 

Linda would encourage others to take up similar challenges, she said: “Do it! Don’t be afraid to do it. I was. I’m not a natural person that used to come to the gym. I had the usual fear of walking in the gym and people looking at you, but I’ve got over that now. 

There are all kinds of people at the gym and they’re a very friendly bunch. The guys that work here, they get to know you, they say hello, so you see the regular faces in the morning.”

She added: “It’s kind of like a little bit of a family really!”

 Congratulations Linda!

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