Health and Wellbeing - Fitness Classes

Lincs Inspire offer a range of motivating, challenging and addictive fitness classes ranging from BodyBalance, Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Pure Abs and many more.

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Fitness Classes

You can choose from 120 individual classes per week across all of our centres. For class timetables visit:

Classes are held seven days a week and you can choose from:

  • Calorie burners / cardio – get your heart and lungs working
  • Tone and strength – work on your muscle groups to strengthen your core
  • Mind and Body - breath, stretch, lengthen and strengthen your body
  • Fun fitness - stay motivated with our supercharged fitness classes
  • Water workouts – a fun and invigorating all over body work-out in the water. Effectively burns calories with minimal impact on the body

To view our full range of fitness class options, visit our activities section.

Class booking policy

Our classes can get busy, so it’s best to book in advance (up to 7 days). You can cancel up to 24 hours prior to the class, failure to do so may result in a charge for the class being incurred. 

We ask that you swipe your membership card or check in at reception when you arrive - your attendance will then be recorded on our booking system and your account.

Please ensure you come prepared and suitably dressed for your class. Fitness classes are open to anyone 14 years and above.

To attend a group exercise class you must have a Lincs Inspire card. Cards are available for free at reception or you can register online.