Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons Re-launch 

Please see the information below for our phased return of swimming lessons

  • Phase 1 - Stage 5 or above (8 years or older) 
  • Phase 2 - Stage 5 or above, under 8 years
  • Phase 2 - Stage 1 to 4 
  • Immingham Swimming Pool

Please can all customers returning to swimming lessons familiarise themselves with these changes prior to attending their first lesson.

Update 14th September - If you have not yet re-enrolled your child/children onto their swimming lessons (stage 5 or above), and they are aged 8 or over, please contact our Swim Team on the numbers below in order to secure their place. Please do this before 24th September at 12 noon. We are sorry, if you have not re-enrolled by this time, we will remove your child from our registers.

Phone during the times of 10:30am and 3:30pm Monday to Friday, or if you are unable to call during these times, please drop us an email.

Those children who are Stage 5 or above, who are under 8 years of age, then your child’s place will be held until the second phased return of swimming lessons, details below.

Announced 13th August - We are reintroducing lessons in a staggered approach following the latest Government guidance. Our phase 1 plan has seen the return of stages 5 upwards (light blue, navy, purple, silver and black hats) from Monday 7th September 2020. 

Our rationale is based on bringing our more competent swimmers back first and those that are 8 years of age and above. Guidance does not permit spectating and therefore parents/guardians will be required to drop off and collect children after their lessons.

As this age range/ability do not need swimming aids, this supports the guidance requiring that parents/guardians be responsible for administering these aids prior to entering the water.

We have great news. We are pleased to announce that we are beginning Phase 2 in the reopening of our swimming lessons at both Grimsby Leisure Centre and Cleethorpes Leisure Centre on Monday, October 12th 2020.

The phase 2 return continues to follow Government guidance and is subject to change. Based on the current position at the time of sending this message, our phase 2 plan is for the return of the following lessons:

  • Parent and Child;
  • Stages 1 to 4; and
  • Stage 5 and above (for ages 8 and below)

In order to adhere to government guidelines, the rules regarding parental supervision varies depending on the age of the child who is swimming. We ask that parents and carers work with us on these new regulations.

Children under 8 years
Children under the age of 8 require a chaperone within our premises and for the parent or guardian to be readily available to help their children within the changing rooms.

This age range/ability also require the use of swimming aids, it is important to note that parents must fit and check all swimming aids before the children enter the pool area. All guidance and fitting instructions will be sent out a week before lessons commence.

Parents / carers will be required to get their child dressed and ready quickly and efficiently and also use the lockers provided. You will then need to go to the designated waiting area to commence lessons (this will be a viewing area, unfortunately seating is not available).

Children over 8 years
Guidance currently does not permit spectating and therefore parents/guardians of children aged 8 or over will be required to drop off and collect children after their lessons.

We ask that the parents of these children do not remain in the building and we ask you to drop off your child/children and to continue to wait outside for them. You are however advised to stay in your car or car park whilst lessons are on.

What to do now:

Please contact the teams to discuss your child’s new allocation and payments by Friday 2nd October 2020.

Phone during the times of 10:30am and 3:30pm Monday to Friday, or if you are unable to call during these times, please drop us an email.

Unfortunately, we are unable to reopen Immingham Swimming Pool at this time, however we are looking into the possibility of transferring lessons over to our Grimsby and Cleethorpes facilities where this is a feasible option for our customers.

Changes to our lessons

Guidance for all - Here are a few changes we would like to inform you of upon returning to lessons

• Cleethorpes Leisure Centre and Grimsby Leisure Centre - sessions are available between 4pm to 6:15pm depending on the stage
• Your existing lesson time and day may change due to a restructure of lessons complying with current Government and Swim England guidance. We would like to ask for as much flexibility as possible please
• Only direct debit payments will be available
• Class sizes will also be smaller to accommodate social distancing
• Children must be ready for lessons on arrival to limit the time in the changing rooms
• Swimming caps must be applied before the child enters poolside
• Unfortunately, we are unable to offer showering facilities before and after the lessons
• All swimmers must report at reception before going along to the changing rooms
• No towels or flipflops to be brought on to poolside. Only medication previously discussed with the supervisor is permitted
• We are unable to lend hats or goggles, failing to bring a hat will result in one needing to be purchased

• Under NO circumstances must clothes or belongings be left in a cubicle, any items left during lessons will be removed, bagged, and discarded of
• All parents will be advised that we are only able to accommodate children back onto our swim school that are both physically and emotionally ready (well behaved) due to the no contact rule. Any children who cannot do this will be removed from the scheme. And all children must be able to fully understand instructions

Contact Us - Swim School

10:30am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday

  • Cleethorpes Leisure Centre (01472) 323444
  • Grimsby Leisure Centre (01472) 323509

Email: enquiries@lincsinspire.com