Board of Directors

Lincs Inspire Limited is overseen by a Board of Directors comprising of independent members from the community and business sectors.

Lincs Inspire Ltd Board members:

Malcom Towle - Chair of the Board

The work of Lincs Inspire provides such a major contribution to our community and to the health and culture of individuals in and around Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Immingham that I am delighted to offer my support and expertise in defining and delivering its objectives.

"I was first drawn to the area to take up a productivity post in the frozen food industry and later in fish merchanting. I went on to work as an associate director within the NHS for 10 years, developing skills in health and safety, governance and litigation management. Most recently I set up a risk management function within local government with involvement in emergency planning, compliance and insurance management.

"Outside of work I was chair of governors at a local secondary school for 14 years, and I have been chair of the local quiz league since 1975. I have just completed a master’s degree in law which has made room for me to sign up to the fantastic over 55 walking football sessions which Lincs Inspire run twice a week at Bradley Football Development Centre.

"I hope my experience will be of value in the future development of Lincs Inspire."

Councillor Terry Walker 

"I'm very pleased with Lincs Inspire. It's in safe hands and everyone is working together. As a board member everyone has the best interests of the company at heart. We are looking forward to bigger and better ventures - it has a great future ahead of it and I'm proud to be a part of it."



Sally Jack 

“I’ve worked for North East Lincolnshire Council for 15 years. Over these years there has been a number of exciting initiatives that have led to a number of changes like the setting up of Lincs Inspire Ltd. It’s great to see the company now operating independently. I am delighted to be part of Lincs Inspire Ltd.’s Board as an independent trustee. I hope to provide a significant role in helping the company be successful over its lifetime in developing leisure, sport and cultural services.”


Alan Bird

"I am recently retired after working for 19 years at Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education where I was Director of Finance.

"At the Institute, as a member of the Senior Management Team, I attended the governor committees and as a result I appreciate the role and benefits that an independent director can bring to help Lincs Inspire achieve its objectives.

"I have a great interest in many sports and therefore becoming a board member of Lincs Inspire seems a natural fit for me. I believe that engaging in sports can give young people, especially, a discipline and sense of team spirit that can help them in a work environment and combined with a healthy lifestyle, remain with them for life.  For my sins, I have also been a Grimsby Town season ticket holder for more years than I care to remember!  As well as an interest in sport, I enjoy different styles of music and frequently attend concerts both locally and nationally.

Fortunately, although now retired, I am fit and active and hope that I can help Lincs Inspire reach out to more people in North East Lincolnshire. I would like to think that I can be a useful, supportive and understanding director of the Company."

Dr. Sudip Bhaduri 

“Having been a sportsman for many years, in terms of playing cricket, football, cross-country, marathon running, road running and having seen my kids become interested in sports as well, it’s nice to give something back to the community to inspire people of all ages, of both sexes, of all creeds to enjoy keeping fit in a very fast-paced world. Lincs Inspire provides the perfect platform for me to share my experiences and bring ideas to motivate people.”




Business Plan

Download Lincs Inspire Ltd.'s executive business plan.