Bikeability Plus Balance

Bikeability Plus Balance is a six week course for children in reception, aiming to develop co-ordination and balance to encourage and enable children to progress into riding a pedal bike. This has proven to be effective in helping pupils prepare for Bikeability training in Year 5.

The course is delivered by two Sports Development coaches in either indoor or outdoor facilities, for one hour per week. It can be delivered during Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) time or as an extra-curricular activity.

Equipment and numbers

All equipment is provided, including balance bikes and helmets. Each six week course is for a maximum of 16 participants.

Progression plan

Week 1 - Learning control of the bike. Learning to walk correctly with the bike and practise getting on and off.
Week 2 – Learning to free wheel
Week 3 – Steering and Turning
Week 4 – Navigation
Week 5 – Stopping and Avoiding
Week 6 – Skill games