Swim Teaching Academy

Apply to join our Swim Academy and train to become a swim teacher for only £85. 

Lincs Inspire has teamed up with the Institute of Swimming to launch a Swimming Teachers’ Recruitment Academy.

We are looking to train new teachers to help fill the gap in the shortage of swimmers locally so that more children can learn to swim with us and learn a vital life skill.

Enjoy an active and rewarding role. The academy allows aspiring teachers to receive all their training for only for only £85, compared to the usual cost of around £1,000.

Applications for the Academy have now closed.

A Meet-and-Greet and interviews will be held on 10th May 2023.

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Further information

Successful applicants to the Academy will complete the Swim England Level One Swimming Assistant (Teaching) Course and Level Two Teaching Swimming Qualification.

In addition to the training, applicants will need to volunteer for 20 hours to give them pool-side experience.

Lincs Inspire will make a decision about employment options on candidates on completing their Level One Swimming Assistant Course.

About Swim Teaching

Being a swimming teacher offers flexible hours that might suit someone who is looking for additional income, students and those who are retired.

Key hours of work are in the afternoon from 4pm-7pm and at the weekends.

I love being a swimming teacher, it’s fantastic to watch children progress and to get more confident in the water. They really do learn something new every week. It’s brilliant to be able to teach swimming alongside my other job and my studies, as the hours are often in the late afternoon and evening giving me the rest of the day to concentrate on my other commitments.

Zach Swim Teacher