Team Building 

Lincs Inspire run enjoyable and engaging team building events at Bradley Football Development Centre for businesses and their employees.

Activities are designed to encourage staff to enjoy themselves away from the work or the office, remaining as a team and working together to problem solve. 

Team building events can also be combined with venue hire for a meeting, gathering or conference, where we can provide a range of catering options. 

The group to be split into teams and participate in a round robin football tournament. Each team will play each other once and scores will be recorded with 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. The results will form a league table.

Participants will be split into teams and compete in a variety of different team building games involving problem solving, team work, communication and trust. Your employees will need to show a desire to work together, plan, communicate and trust if they are going to crack these.

Participants will be split into teams and have to work together searching for clues whilst racing against the clock. Using the whole site of the Bradley Football Development Centre, team work, communication, map reading and problem solving will be essential for your employees to complete the task.

Your staff will take part in a variety of sport team games. The emphasis of this will be based on fun and enjoyment. Team work, communication, and encouragement will be essential if teams are going to gain successful results.

Team Building Contact

General : 01472 325300