Safeguarding Policy - Child Friendly Version

All of us working at Lincs Inspire, respect children and are here to help protect you. We do our best to help you enjoy visiting our centres and take part in our activities in a safe environment.

We think it is important for children to know where to get help if they are worried or unhappy about something. If you need to talk, we will ALWAYS listen! You have the right to feel safe and happy.

Don’t keep sad feelings to yourself – tell someone! Don’t keep a secret, share how you are feeling and we will try to help.


If something is worrying you, talk to us!

If you want to share with Lincs Inspire anything that is worrying you, Mr Allison is the best person to talk to – just tell him! His telephone number is (01472) 323347.

NSPCC CHILDLINE – here for you whenever you need to talk - call 0800 1111. Childline is here for children when they have no one else to talk to and nowhere else to turn.